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[OOC] Journal-Splitting!

As of May 10th, 2008, I'm splitting this journal between campfuckudie and all_my_sees. AMS is much more reliant on journal posts than CFUD is, so you'll probably be seeing a lot of AMS posts but little to no CFUD ones. Sorry to clog your FLists, CFUD. :( I'll at least be backdating all of Shinji's AMS OOC things. Also, this post will be kicked to the top of Shinji's journal after a couple days. This is as much an announcement as a general label, I guess.

If you're here to access Shinji's CFUD posts only, use the CFUD tag. If you only want to look at AMS entries, please use the AMS tag. Some of the meta stuff (like my post with scene transcriptions and this post) is tagged to both games.

Sorry for the inconvenience!


[IC] General Interaction Post

[For whenever you want a thread with Shinjiro but don't want to try hunting me down on IRC / the comm / whatever. Eternally open, good for multiple uses, and dated into the FUUUTUUURE so it will always stay at the top of my journal. Yes, I'm posting the same description into all of my journals. 'cause I'm lazy like that.]



[SO. the AMS crew enabled me. This is a 4th wall post for the CFUD and AMS Persona peeps AND ANYONE ELSE of course. ♥ All and any of them. The Velvet Room is somehow big enough to hold all of us, okay. ... which is good, because there's really quite a few Persona characters floating around.]

Where the hell is this?


[OOC] WHEE doujinshi

Yaaaay it's blue.

This is a doujinshi I bought in Japan and scanned for Juri o/ But there's some pretty good panels for Doujima, Souji, and Nanako, so I figured I'd link it here and let everybody who wants to DL it. AMS peeps are also welcome to snag it if they want. SFW! There are a few pages missing; I didn't bother to scan the parts that were text-only. Which is like ... one noticeable page near the end, maybe? idk, I didn't scan it for scanlations anyway, so whatever.


[OOC] HIATUS ... maybe.

SO HEY GUYS. and by guys I mean my crossover peeps in both AMS and CFUD and Sabra. Tomorrow, I am going home to America! I love the moon, it's fabulous, but even space hobos like me need a vacation. So for two weeks, I am going to be hoooome. This ... may or may not result in a hiatus. I honestly don't know. Basically, there will be two factors at work:

1) I will be in a sane timezone and therefore actually be awake for prime posting hours!
2) I will be visiting my family for the first time in eight months. Therefore, family time will be a priority.

Either way, I apologize for being flaky this week. I have been packing and cleaning and shoppping and playing with my shiny new PSP. HA HA priorities. ._. I will be completely gone for at least a day or two more whilst I finish packing/cleaning and fly back.

Also, I have a very selfish srs poll. I am planning on buying a metric assload of video games in America! Japan has plenty of course, but ... they're in Japanese, and I am a lazy fuck. So I am compiling a list of Things I Really Should Get Because They're Awesome. Any recommendations? Especially of the obscure RPG-y type. (FTR, I have a PS2, a PSP, and a DS. Chrono Trigger is already on the list, as is FFT-PSP and Crisis Core.)


[OOC] Hiatus!

This is just a quiiiick note to say that I will be completely gone for the next three days or so! (Until Sunday evening, anyway.) Near and I are off on a wild and crazy Sapporo trip, so we will be gone. And stuff. Yaaaaay.

Posting this in Shinji's journal 'cause that way it gets on both CFUD's and AMS's FLs at the same time. Miho's re-intro will probably have to wait til I get back. ... alternately, I might post something small before I leave adn then pick up later. :|a


[OOC] FES Extras

Just some extra Shinji tidbits I snagged from watching some of the FES extras on youtube. The wikipedia entry had something extra on the circumstances of how Shinji initially joined SEES, but I can't find the relevant bit from FES. :( o well, I have this stuff instead.

la la no spoilers, but not terribly interesting unless you're meCollapse )



Semi-hiatus from now until ... um, Sunday-ish! I'm not technically leaving or anything, but a) it's graduation party time for my sister and I, and b) Russel will be here, and we will be video-gaming it up as opposed to interneting it up for most of the weekend.

I'll be around for a slow thread or two in CFUD, and I'll probably stay in IRC chat, but otherwise I'm basically out for the weekend. o/ Exalted will basically be the reverse of Thanksgiving, Fran. (Except easier 'cause my house has broadband and multiple connected computers, as opposed to Russel's dialup.)