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荒垣真次郎 (Aragaki Shinjiro)
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(( As of 5/10/08, this journal is being split between campfuckudie and all_my_sees. The following profile is also for AMS. If you're from one game or another, use my tags to keep Shinji's posts straight. :|d ))

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CHARACTER'S NAME: Aragaki Shinjiro
CHARACTER'S LIVEJOURNAL: Probably gonna be lazy and use got_axed, which is my account for him at CFUD. I’m planning on having AMS/CFUD tags to distinguish things, with OOC posts being backdated (so as not to muddle with my CFUD FL) but IC posts being done normally.
AGE: 18
BIRTH DATE: August 11th, 1991
HOMETOWN: Presumably somewhere in the Iwatodai / Tatsumi Port Island area.
OCCUPATION: Hobo. :| … no, seriously. He never goes to school, he doesn’t seem to have a job, and he spends all his time hanging out behind the damn train station. I imagine he has to make money somehow, since he apparently pays for his drugs with something besides hobo-dollars, but hell if canon gives me any info on that. Betcha he washes dishes at the ramen shop or something.
GRADE: Technically a 3rd year, but he’s never, ever in class.
CLUBS: None.
SEX: Male o/
LEVEL: ??? (His starter level is in the thirties, but everyone else in the game is pretty low, so… If a mod could give me a ruling on that, that’d be awesome. It’s not like he’ll be using his skills, anyway.)

Academics: 2
Charm: 2
Courage: 6

WEAKNESSES: Shinji is … kind of messed up, to be honest. Oh sure, he might seem like the “cool badass loner” type on the outside, but on the inside, he’s a big fat katamari of angst, guilt, and possibly suicidal tendencies. The guilt of killing someone with Castor dominates his psyche, which in turn wears holes in his would-be strengths. His stubbornness and tenacity manifest as an inability to accept help and an exacerbation of his already combative personality. His devotion and loyalty is similarly riddled with guilt, causing him to be overly attached to his own sins rather than new friends. Even his physical strength is greatly marred by the the Persona-suppressants he’s taking, and his Persona is going to waste due to his mental issues with summoning it. If Shinjiro were a little less messed up, he could be truly badass. … As it is, he’s still badass. Just not. World-exploding badass. Which may be good for the world.

STRENGTHS: Shinjiro may be directing his energies in the wrong direction, but that doesn’t keep him from being an incredibly tough person, in his own way. Shinjiro doesn’t put up with your crap. And he doesn’t let other people control him, past his own issues (which are fairly internalized by now, anyway). For better or for worse, Shinjiro is his own person. In addition to this strength of personality, Shinji is also strong physically — at least, until the suppressants start tearing through his system more. This is a guy who can wield axes that probably weigh more than some of his teammates. Also, he apparently has the (grudging) respect of the punks down by the station, even if it’s only enough to make them GTFO every now and then.

Also, he’s a great cook. And great with animals. Just don’t tell anyone. It’s a secret. :|

WEAPON OF CHOICE: Anything heavy and clobbery. This generally includes axes, hammers, and stop signs.
WEAK; None
PERSONA ABILITIES: Regenerate 1, Counter, Heat Wave
ARCANA: Hierophant
FACTION: None. May join S.E.E.S. later if the game follows canon in that regard; otherwise, he ain’t budgin’ from his cardboard box. :|

PERSONALITY: Caustic, stubborn, and hell of a pain to get along with, Shinjiro sure doesn’t make things easy. On anyone. If you don’t know him, he’s likely to be quietly caustic at you, with plenty of sarcasm directed at any and all of your dumb comments. He’s not aggressive, per se, but he has zero tolerance for bullshit and will cut through it with all the subtlety of an ax. Even people who know him well have to put up with him being incredibly blunt and frank, because he sure doesn’t make any exceptions for friends. In fact, he might be even more caustic towards them, if his conversations with Akihiko are any indication.

Some of that sarcastic attitude is just The Way Shinjiro is; however, there’s another dimension to it. Shinjiro does not allow himself to get close to people easily, period. Too much of him is still trapped by the guilt of that first October 4th. It exacerbates his already loner-ish personality, making him close up even farther. What’s the point in getting close if he’s just going to mess up and/or die, anyway? Despite what he tells people about living for the future and letting go of the past, he himself is thoroughly mired in the muck of his own issues. He might still be able to help other people, in his own way, but when it comes to fixing himself? No can do. Which is a damn shame, because he really needs other people to help him if he wants to get away from his issues, but he can’t allow that because of those issues, which he still needs help with … it’s a vicious circle. And it ain’t gonna break any time soon.

BACKGROUND: Not much is known about Shinjiro’s past—and if he knows anything else, he sure ain’t telling. :| He lived with Miki and Akihiko in an orphanage until they were in gradeschool, at which point the orphanage burned down. Shinjiro and Akihiko survived the incident, but Akihiko never quite recovered from the guilt of sister’s death. Shinjiro, on the other hand, settled for staying close to his friend, even as the next big challenge of their lives came up: the Dark Hour.

Canon doesn’t state how middle school Shinjiro first reacted to the Shadows, but I imagine it was with something resembling enthusiasm. At bare minimum, he was determined to fight the creatures and probably devoted all his energy to doing so. He was still young and immature, after all. On October 4th, however, something happened. Shinjiro had been hot on the heels of a Shadow that had strayed into the residential district. Caught up in the heat of the moment, Shinjiro made a fatal mistake: he lost control of his Persona, Castor, and accidentally killed a woman right in front of her own child.

That moment changed Shinjiro’s life forever. He became wracked with guilt, obsessed with his own mistake and the blood on his hands as a result of his lack of control. He left S.E.E.S. almost immediately, taking only what he could carry—plus a heaping amount of guilt. Somewhere along the line, he met up with Strega and began purchasing Persona-suppressing drugs. Said drugs had side effects that would eventually be fatal, but Shinjiro didn’t care. In fact, that was part of the plan. He would lock away his Persona, stay away from S.E.E.S., watch over the place where Amada Ken’s mother died … and, in turn, wait for his own death to come to him.

Currently, Shinjiro is very much in the middle. He doesn’t turn away Akihiko’s visits, but he adamantly refuses to rejoin S.E.E.S., no matter how much Aki pleads with him. On the other hand, he doesn’t help Strega either, past whatever money he gives them for his usual dose of suppressants. He’s kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place, no matter how you look at it. … Oh well! Either he’ll work through his issues early and change something… or he’ll get his resolution the canon way. We’ll see. :|d